You deserve a life filled with love, connection and joy.

Recovery means a restoration to health. It is a restoration to your essential self. It is a restoration of the beautiful infinite potential you were born with, free from all the limited and limiting distortions of those old stories and false beliefs, and full of possibility, curiosity, and awe.

That restoration is your divine vision, your ultimate purpose as a human. Conscious Recovery restores you to this place. It returns you to this perfectly recovered canvas. And once you’re there, you can consciously create whatever portrait your oneness with Source reveals to you.

And you can be that self, that vision, much more deeply than when you identified with your old misrepresentations of limitation and brokenness.

You have the power to open your heart to a new way of being. You have the power to experience a deep sense of gratitude, peace, and happiness. This power is within you, right here and right now.

All you need to do is say yes. Are you ready?

How Conscious Recovery Was Born

TJ Woodward, the founder of Conscious Recovery, shares his personal journey and why it was important to offer a different approach to recovery.

Cultivate Your Own Recovery

Are you interested in creating community around Conscious Recovery & integrating it into your own personal recovery journey? We’ve received messages from people over the past few years asking us how to incorporate Conscious Recovery into their own lives and their local recovery circles. From this, we decided to offer a path to self-facilitated book clubs.

You are invited to start a Conscious Recovery Book Group in your local area and welcome people to deepen their recovery.

We now offer the Conscious Recovery Book Club starter kit including:

  • 10 books
  • 10 workbooks
  • Over 50% off retail price

You are not broken.

The Conscious Recovery Experience for Individuals includes access to a comprehensive plan for personal growth and success that includes hours of video and dozens of self-guided activities that have been extensively tested and refined over the past 20 years. Through the step-by-step activities, you will grow in your understanding and self-awareness and connection to your essential self. We will continue to add further strategies and tools to your arsenal of self-help techniques, along with an online community especially created and curated for individuals participating in the Conscious Recovery community.

Join us today to begin your new life journey!