Enhance Your Private Practice

Conscious Recovery is a comprehensive, holistic approach to addiction treatment offering effective strategies for getting to the root cause of addiction and addressing the underlying trauma, shame, spiritual disconnection, lack of worthiness, and other factors that underlie addictive behaviors. Conscious Recovery is rooted in the fundamental principle that underneath all addictive behavior is an essential self that is whole and perfect; the addictive behaviors are coping strategies to manage underlying unaddressed wounds and pain that drive the addictive behaviors.

Why Become a Conscious Recovery Certified Coach?

The Conscious Recovery certification process provides a comprehensive set of tools and techniques which will help your clients achieve and maintain recovery in the long term. The training builds on your existing skill sets and offers numerous practical strategies and methods to significantly enhance your effectiveness in a 1 on 1 setting.

  • Create greater connection and attunement with your clients.

  • Assist your clients in accessing their inherent wholeness & inner wisdom.

  • Integrate life-changing spiritual principles into your private practice.

  • Become recognized as an expert in this groundbreaking modality.

  • Provide an after-care resource to Conscious Recovery Certified Programs.

  • Join other Conscious Recovery certified coaches featured on ConsciousRecovery.com.

  • Receive 10 continuing education units.

What Does the Certification Process Look Like?

Module 1

Complete the online clinical training

Conscious Recovery For Professionals is a self-paced, fully immersive online training, and is available exclusively on WholeHearted.org.

Upon completion you will receive 10 CEs.

COST: $299

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Module 2

Attend an in-person demonstration weekend

TJ Woodward will personally facilitate weekend trainings throughout the continental United States where you will have the opportunity to practice the skills you have learned.

First training dates will be announced soon

COST: $999

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Module 3

Complete the application for certification

Upon completion of steps 1 and 2, you will be asked to submit an application for final certification approval.

*Completion of steps 1 and 2 does not automatically guarantee certification*

COST: $199

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Cost: $299

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Cost: $999


Cost: $199