Core Principles

Conscious Recovery is a fresh perspective on addiction. What happens when we view ourselves or each other as broken? What does that perspective create? What would it be like if we opened to a completely new way of viewing addiction?

  • Underneath all addictive behavior is an essential self that is whole and perfect

  • The addiction itself has never been the “problem” but was a strategy that has lost its effectiveness

  • Treating addiction must go beyond addressing symptoms and get down to the underlying root causes of destructive behavior

  • The root causes of addictive behavior are unresolved trauma, spiritual disconnection, and toxic shame

  • There is a pathway to permanent freedom through the adoption of spiritual practices and principles

Integrate Conscious Recovery into your Spiritual Center with ease.

Conscious Recovery aims to add to the incredible service your spiritual center is offering. By integrating Conscious Recovery, communities can seek refuge and healing from addictive behaviors.

What it includes:

  • 10 Conscious Recovery Books
  • 10 Conscious Recovery Workbooks
  • 50% off books and workbooks 
  • Access to online training portal
  • Monthly Zoom call with TJ Woodward

Only $399 per year!

Your Subscription Includes:

A Tool To Support Your Amazing Community

Spiritual centers are a safe space for healing by nature. Conscious Recovery can support cultivating a similar energy for those in your community seeking support in their addictive behaviors and/or mental health.


  • 10 books
  • 10 workbooks
  • 50% discount on materials
  • Access to online portal
  • Zoom w/ TJ Woodward

Authorized Spiritual Center

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A Message From TJ Woodward

TJ Woodward, the founder of Conscious Recovery, shares why he created Conscious Recovery and what it means for world.