Take a Deeper Dive with In-Person Trainings

TJ Woodward or Jeremy Miller of Conscious Recovery can come to your program to facilitate interactive and dynamic in-person trainings with your staff.

Topics explored:

  • The key principles of Conscious Recovery
  • The energizing power of presence
  • The root causes of addiction and mental health issues
  • The power of authenticity and connection
  • The most effective tools for group facilitation

The benefits:

  • Improved staff cohesion and morale
  • Elevated attunement and connection with clients
  • Greater knowledge of innovative treatment interventions
  • Enhanced comprehension of Conscious Recovery principles
  • Better and more successful treatment outcomes

One-Day Training: $5000

Two-Day Training: $7500

A Testimonial with Discovery Behavioral Health

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the Substance Use Division at Discovery Behavioral Health. Conscious Recovery has been successfully integrated into all of the DBH substance use programs nationwide.

In this video, Jeremy sits down with Joe Tinervin & Jen Carvalho for a conversation about the advantages Conscious Recovery has provided their treatment programs.

What does a training look like?

Conscious Recovery trainings are uniquely engaging. In efforts to support various learning style, the CR trainings are interactive, experiential, and fluid. While there is always a clear set of goals and an agenda, many of the trainings take on a life of their own by way of whatever is most present with the staff in the room.