Ripples Can Become Waves

What if there is a place within you that is unharmable? What would knowing that create in your life? You are more than your past. You are more than your beliefs. You are a whole and perfect spiritual being. The #unharmable movement is dedicated to restoring a sense of wholeness to the recovery communities. The goal is to ignite an energy in recovery that can be felt globally.

No longer will addiction be viewed & addressed through the lens of brokenness.

Are you ready to join the movement? 

Conscious Recovery is so much more than a book, it’s a revolutionary perspective on addiction. If you’re inspired by Conscious Recovery and share the belief that it’s time to stop viewing “addicts” as BROKEN, please join us.

The #Unharmable Movement Starter Kit

We are thrilled & honored that you’d like to help us spread a message of wholeness. The intention behind the movement is to inspire people in recovery or those affected by addiction. There is an infinite being that exists in each of us that is deserving of a life filled with joy, connection, and awe.

Each kit includes 2 bracelets, a sticker & the Conscious Recovery Unharmable Pamphlet

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