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Navigating the recovery path can be difficult. Sometimes our recovery feels stale, frustrating, or overwhelming. Conscious Recovery certified coaches are here to help you access your inner-wisdom and heal from multiple layers of unresolved trauma, spiritual disconnection, and the toxicity of shame, so you can deepen the connection with your essential nature. This can be an added benefit to any program or therapy you’re already pursuing.

Dr. Adrianna Popescu, Ph.D.
Dr. Adrianna Popescu, Ph.D.Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Adriana Popescu is a licensed clinical psychologist and empowerment coach who loves to assist people in overcoming their limitations and creating a life of infinite possibilities.

She specializes in treating addiction, co-occurring disorders, and trauma, and has directed a number of innovative treatment programs. She is the co-author of The Conscious Recovery Workbook.

Temple Hayes
Temple HayesGlobal Spiritual Leader

Rev. Dr. Temple Hayes grew up in South Carolina and spent the earlier part of her career as a business owner. Having served three years of military service in the United States Army Reserves, Temple became a Science of Mind minister in 1991 and an ordained Unity Minister in 2007. Described as a prophet and mystic for our times and the new spiritual leader the world needs today, Temple Hayes is a Difference Maker, Spiritual Leader, Author, International Motivational Speaker, Humanitarian, Life Rights Advocate, Shamanic Practitioner, President and Founder of Life Rights and Global Peace Workers, as well as a person in long-term recovery.

She has served many years globally as a Spiritual Leader of New Thought communities that transcend religious denominations, embrace all ethnicities, and reach beyond national borders, as well as on the leadership team of the Association of Global New Thought.

Temple authored the following books: “The Right to Be You,” “How to Speak Unity,” and “When Did You Die?”. She is a contributing author to the inspiring book “Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy”, “Mayhem to Miracles” and “Meditation” by Sacred Publishing.  She also shares inspiration with her listeners on her podcast “The Intentional Spirit”.

Dr. Jessica Byrd-Olmstead
Dr. Jessica Byrd-OlmsteadLicensed Psychologist

Dr. Jessica Byrd-Olmstead is a licensed psychologist and an entrepreneur dedicated to helping others transform their lives. She works extensively with teens and their families and specializes in addiction, adolescent development, and gender identity. Dr. Byrd has launched innovative programs for world-renowned companies and is currently the CEO and co-founder of a startup focused on wellness technology. She has a private practice in Silicon Valley providing psychotherapy, consultation, and training.

Kim Kokoska
Kim KokoskaLMFT

Kim Kokoska is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist and life coach who focuses on supporting people in their peace and healing.

She specializes in working with people recovering from addictive patterns, healing from trauma and experiencing other co-occurring disorders. She is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and has a master’s degrees in both Spiritual and Counseling Psychology.

Jeremy Miller
Jeremy MillerRecovery Counselor/Coach

Jeremy is the CMO of Conscious Recovery & CEO of Rehab Road Trips. With over a decade of experience in the behavioral health field, Jeremy has recognized a deep calling for the work he does in supporting others pursue their own healing & returning to their inherent wholeness. Jeremy specializes in media, marketing, and clinical work, and started his professional journey as a certified addictions counselor. Drawing inspiration from Joseph Campbell, his unique messaging style creates a more authentic and meaningful presence online for professionals and programs within the field. As an advocate for mental health and being in long term recovery for twelve years himself, Jeremy recognizes the importance of spreading the message of wholeness as opposed to brokenness, and is excited about ushering in a new paradigm both in how we support healing from addiction & the way our field communicates about what we do.

Dr. Christine Pappas
Dr. Christine PappasLicensed Psychologist

Dr. Christine Pappas is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience directing various treatment programs. She specializes in supporting individuals and families in recovery, as well as addressing the co-occurring underlining challenges. With a compassionate approach, Dr. Pappas empowers individuals to find their genuine “healthier “voice creating a new narrative that fosters insight and resilience.

Amy Van Linge
Amy Van LingeEmpowerment Coach

Amy has a passion for helping individuals find freedom from active addiction and transform their lives for the better. Her education and professional experience span over 25 years including fields in K-12 education, community outreach, health and wellness, spiritual leadership, and conscious recovery coaching. She is a mother of four who has pioneered, led and participated in a wide array of missions involving conscious parenting and family crisis mentorship.

Emerging and healing from a family of generational addiction, trauma and mental health challenges has led her to a deep understanding and compassion of what recovery entails, and she now dedicates herself to supporting people on their path of healing. Amy has been a proponent of TJ’s work since being introduced in 2015 when Conscious Being was published and has witnessed the unfolding of the transformational experience contained within Conscious Recovery.

Amy’s sincerity and commitment are easily felt as she shares with you how to take your client’s personal recovery to the next level in their journey of self-discovery, healing and personal growth. It is her genuine desire to ensure that the Conscious Recovery experience is made accessible to all people in recovery.

Sara Andrew
Sara AndrewWellness and Recovery Coach

Sara Andrew, a seasoned Wellness and Recovery Coach, masterfully navigates the turbulent waters of challenging circumstances affecting individuals and families. With her expert guidance and intuitive understanding, she introduces a multitude of possibilities and routes towards recovery and wellness, effectively eradicating the notion of ‘challenge’.

Acknowledged for her sterling work as a Wellness and Recovery facilitator, Sara deconstructs the societal norm of perceiving certain behaviors, bodies, or brilliance as ‘wrong’. She empowers her clients to view these traits not as flaws, but as unique strengths, driving them towards a more fulfilled existence brimming with ease and joy.

Her dedication to bringing transformative change extends to diverse cohorts, from individuals confronting personal obstacles to gifted children seeking their place in the world. Sara also extends her expertise to youth and mental health, turning around conditions traditionally deemed ‘hopeless’ into landscapes ripe with potential and promise.

Serving as a dynamic catalyst for change, Sara provides pivotal support in unlocking pathways to wellness and recovery, creating a less judgemental environment, and fostering a culture that celebrates everyone’s unique strengths. Her vast experience and distinct approach solidify her standing as an authoritative figure in not just surviving but thriving amidst life’s many challenges.

Sara is a certified Conscious Recovery Coach.

David Wichman
David Wichman

David Wichman, is an author, speaker, and certified Conscious Recovery™ coach with a focus on sexual wellness. He has been creating workshops and writing about sex and sobriety for many years. 

It is his deepest passion to witness men at the intersection of sexual freedom in recovery and he is dedicated to helping Queer, Gay, Bi, and Trans-identified men navigate the sacred and beautiful nature of sex love and intimacy

If you are in recovery or seeking guidance around sex in recovery, David hopes you will explore working with free of dogma, shame, and judgement. 

 (NOTE: You do not have to be in recovery to work with David.) 

Quincy Whorf
Quincy Whorf

Quincy Whorf is a dedicated recovery coach who uses Conscious Recovery strategies to provide compassionate support and aftercare methods for individuals who have completed addiction treatment. With an unwavering commitment to helping individuals build a solid foundation in recovery, Quincy combines a combination of empathetic listening, practical guidance, and personalized care to empower clients on their journey towards lasting sobriety.

Quincy’s passion for helping others stems from her own personal experience with addiction and the transformative power of recovery. Having overcome her own challenges, Quincy brings a unique understanding and empathy to their coaching approach. With an emphasis on conscious living and holistic healing, Quincy supports individuals in developing sustainable strategies that address the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of recovery.

As a recovery coach, Quincy’s primary focus is on providing comprehensive aftercare support. Through one-on-one coaching sessions, Quincy helps clients navigate post-treatment challenges, develop relapse prevention strategies, and create a personalized recovery plan that supports long-term sobriety. She works closely with clients to identify individual strengths, triggers, and goals, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-discovery.

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Michael Lyles
Michael Lyles

Michael has worked in the behavioral health field for over 27 years. His experience includes working with adolescents, young adults and adults in multiple settings which include IOP/OP, Safe Passage, Transitional/Sober Living and Residential Treatment. He owned and operated a transitional living program in Costa Rica for young adults, primarily from the U.S and Canada, stepping down from primary care Through his own personal journey in recovery, Michael has learned that there is no “one right way” and as a Conscious Recovery certified recovery coach, he is committed to meeting his clients where they currently are in their recovery. Michael emphasizes mindfulness practices that bring awareness and balance to one’s spiritual self, promoting healing and change physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

“The worse the adversity, the greater the opportunity. Turning adversity into opportunity is the greatest achievement we can do.” – Napoleon Hill

Matt Gideon
Matt Gideon

Matt Gideon is the CEO of Gideon Group and is the Vice President Advisor of Ikon Advisors. He is also a Certified Recovery Specialist and Conscious Recovery Coach.

Matt struggled with addiction and mental health issues from age 12 to 26, before being introduced to a path of recovery in 2016. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping other people find the same freedom he feels so fortunate to have found.

Matt has 6+ years of experience in behavioral healthcare and 15+ years of experience in sales / business development. He has also studied and practiced various spiritual practices throughout his life. He incorporates all of this knowledge and experience into the coaching he does with his clients.

As a coach, Matt’s aim is to empower his clients to reach their highest potential. This process can be highly individualized, depending on the client’s specific needs. Whether the client is struggling with addiction, mental health, or just trying to build a purpose-driven life, Matt is here to help.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” – Rumi

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