It’s time for a fresh perspective on addiction.

You are a whole and perfect spiritual being. You are not broken. You are unharmed & unharmable.

Conscious Recovery is a groundbreaking and effective approach to viewing and treating addiction that will transform your life. Conscious Recovery is changing the conversation about addiction, because it recognizes that underneath all addictive behavior is an essential self that is whole and perfect.


A Complete System of Care

Conscious Recovery is so much more than a book, it’s an entire system of care. Whether you’re in recovery, a professional in the field, or a treatment program, Conscious Recovery has solutions to transform your healing and foster a beautiful connection with your essential self.


Take your recovery a step further.

Congratulations on your recovery! If you’re looking to deepen your recovery and the relationship you have with yourself, Conscious Recovery has tools that can help. From online courses to workbooks, there are several ways in which you can enhance your recovery journey.

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Enhance your ability to help others.

For professionals looking to strengthen their clinical abilities, Conscious Recovery has a comprehensive, fully immersive online training. It is designed to assist your clients in achieving brilliant results. This course is self-paced and includes 10 CEs. 

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Deliver the best care to your clients.

More than a curriculum, it’s a complete system of care. The 12-week residential and outpatient curriculum is highly interactive and dynamic, and can be integrated into any existing treatment program. Conscious Recovery will enhance the amazing clinical work you’re already doing. 

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Conscious Recovery offers your clients a pathway toward liberation that can assist them in breaking the cycle of addiction and creating a life filled with love and connection.

Discover how Conscious Recovery can assist your  treatment program:

Conscious Recovery Certified Programs

Elevate Addiction Services

Watsonville, California

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The Camp Recovery

Scotts Valley, California

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Avery Lane for Women

Novato, California

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Azure Acres

Sebastapol, California

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Bright Future Recovery

Hollister, California

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Wellness Retreat

San Jose, California

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The Camden Center

Los Angeles, California

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New Start Recovery

Bangor & Concord, California

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Casa Palmera

Del Mar, California

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First Steps

Clovis, California

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My Time Recovery

Fresno, California

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Recovery Happens

Roseville, California

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