Conscious Recovery Podcast

Confirmation Bias & the Power of I AM with TJ Woodward.

Conscious Recovery Podcast

What is Spirituality? with the Incomparable Temple Hayes.

Conscious Recovery Podcast

Spiritual Connection with the Wonderful Amy Van Linge.

Conscious Recovery Podcast

The Great Remembering with Jeremy Miller & TJ Sachdev.

Conscious Recovery Podcast

How to Maintain Conscious Awareness During Uncertain Times with Jeremy Miller & TJ Woodward

Conscious Recovery Podcast

Expanding Your Comfort Zone with Jeremy Miller & TJ Woodward


Innovative Recovery Tools

Conscious Conversation Series with TJ Woodward and Jeremy Miller of Conscious Recovery: During the shelter-in-place orders due to COVID-19, Jeremy Miller interviewed TJ Woodward and special guests in a series designed to provide practical takeaways on how people can start and/or deepen their spiritual journey during this interesting time and stay connected with themselves and others. IN THIS EPISODE Jeremy interviews TJ Woodward and Jason Schiffman, MD, MA, MBA TOPIC Innovative Recovery Tools

Spiritual Disconnection

Conscious Conversation Series with TJ Woodward and Dr. Adriana Popescu discussing the roots of spiritual disconnection & ways to reconnect with your essential nature.

Had Enough?

Jeremy, TJ, and Amy discuss current events and how we can remain conscious during these ever changing times. With so much discord and disconnection, how can we as spiritual beings foster a connectedness with those who disagree with us? How can we serve as light in a seemingly dark chapter?

Connection vs. Attachment

TJ & Jeremy welcome Dr. Jessica Byrd Olmstead to talk about connection and its relation to attachment. How do we know we’re overly attached? How can we genuinely cultivate connection?

Let’s Talk About What’s Happening in the World.

TJ & Jeremy welcome Temple Hayes to discuss and explore our current events & how we can respond to these difficult times without deviating from our essential nature.